... with his bloody hand he clenched a fist, raised it up to the sky and then
he said: i'll spend my money on a root cutting shovel now ...

boy vs. tree | the devil and his footmen


primitive powers

Primitive powers
Unundeux Records (2016)

1. Pissant wings 2. Bombs & bagpipes
3. Millwheels of being 4. Tickling the dragon's tail
5. Embers 6. Anti zooo 7. Light my pyre
8. My artillery

concrete catalyst

The devil and his footmen
Exile on Mainstream Records (2013)

1. Monolith 2. Egoknights & firearks 3. Rooftop
5. Boy vs. tree 7. Morning sun 9. Dear Mammoth
10. My mixtapes suck big time 11. Honeyhole

concrete catalyst

Concrete catalyst
Exile on Mainstream Records (2010)

1. Oceanriver 2. Five minutes of resistance
3. Sultana 4. Rocking chair 5. A poem
6. Wild geese yell 7. The dragonfighter
8. Counted is bygone 9. Trainer

Heavy zooo

Heavy zooo
Exile on Mainstream Records (2008)

1. Solitude in bloom 2. Heavy zooo
3. Pain power 4. Iron horse 5. Esophagus overdrive
6. Spirit & crown 7. My funeral procession 8. I desert
9. Dance like a volcano 10. Stanislav Petrov

The sun behind the dustbin

The sun behind the dustbin
Exile on Mainstream Records (2007)

1. Yellow mile 2. A foul smelling wheel called downhill
3. Paraffin Oiler 4. Nice romantic evening
5. Damn you, Charlie Brown 6. The Hospice Inn
7. Spinster 8. The sun behind the dustbin
9. Arrrgh! 10. Erebus

A mirror is a window´s end

A mirror is a window's end
Beardhead Records (2005)

1. Interference prone reflector 2. Pioneer
3. To kill a hill and move a mountain

Live in Greece

Interested in some live tunes? Here you go. This show took place on March 10th 2012 in Athens, Greece. Thanx to Jorgo and Yorgos making it possible.



Feel free to download the following songs:

Pissant wings   from "Primitive powers"
Monolith   from "The devil and his footmen"
Counted is bygone   from "Concrete catalyst"
Dance like a volcano   from "Heavy zooo"
Yellow mile   from "The sun behind the dustbin"
Pioneer   from "A mirror is a window's end"


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