pissant wings
my homeboy the artificer of the universe revealed to me his last will while he took his dying breath in the face of death I dearly have to confess that all those angels i blessed are demon-possessed and have failed both a blessing and a curse what were these no-good wings for both a blessing and a curse what were these pissant wings for stabbing to death all this excess all this disgrace is undignified and I pray for cathartic storms to purify this fuckin' hellhole while he took his last breath in the face of his death he said shine through action go and vow it

bombs & bagpipes
he led his men with bow and arrow with a basket-hilted claymore by storming beaches straight on to the battlefield the wind was cold the sky was red and all the enemies had to pray cause they feared to be slaughtered by a man named jack while bombs exploded he continued to play the bagpipes without a sword we are improperly armed fearlessness under fire the empire will rise no prince or lord has tomb so proud as he whose flag becomes his shroud with his trusty blade lofted high in the air screaming commando god speed you mad jack

millwheels of being
i crawl the grotty floor to sweep my grotty remains i'll polish them and put them in soil made from forgotten ideas pointless hopes and forgotten ideas we water it with tears my heart is broken it is broken but not just in half like some romantic bullshit idea might suggest no it is totally shattered pulverized by millwheels of being from it grows a tiny something don't you accuse me of misdoings of lies or betrayals how dare you at least i ain't a fool anymore guess who taught me so well from this there will grow a tiny black something spiky and stiff it is resistant as fuck so numb and heavy it is against the caustic filth guess who taught me so well

tickling the dragon's tail
what appears like magic are just the primitive powers once unleashed by god i have them at my fingertips now i have them here in this little box a horde of demons at my command

hope is a flame it is flickering bright and constantly never ceases to exist and it looked like a rising sun but it was't one our hope is a flame neither water nor cold wind can erase the good deed of a rising tide lifting all boats and souls of a cleaning tide forgiving us our faults light is a shadow of any god let us follow as far as the light can reach it penetrates us nicely in the darkest night all suffering ends remaining just little embers of us it needs a torch to lead you on to the sun

anti zooo
with the trunk of an elephant i shot with a gun and a mouse's saucer eyes it is just too much fun to watch how it dies with the ear of a fennec to cute to withstand with the paw of a grizzly instead of my hand i'm a tiger i'm a snake i'm a bumblebee i am the scariest thing you will hear you will feel you will ever see you are named but now you have to kneel down in front before the one you'll never be the perfect my grin reveals the teeth of a shark and like a mad alsatian i bite and bark the wings of an eagle attached cross-stitch style to the fur of a mink that I have tamed for a while with the sound of a sweet young nightingale and an anteater's tongue and of a dragon the fuckin' tail the thing i long for without remorse is your tiny soul my brave dear warhorse

light my pyre
as my final moments tick away i am not afraid of dying i'm not afraid of any pain preordained we should part preordained to reunite by and by leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool for another thousand year if i can't see freedom here i will see it from above leaving this world to be a better place there is just calm i will see it from above our usefulness is over time to move on has come lift me on the pyre higher and higher the lamps expire I see a black light the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one or me

my artillery
can you hear me approaching my apparatus it groans and squeaks step back and move aside stare in amazement see me in the blazing sun with bleeding hands and scarred feet the wheels scraping the hot dusty ground that is boiling my sweat slowly moving forward you fear the unknown the strange and new it's only in your head you will have to learn it anyway ammunition so heavy at the end of my tether i wanna do this for you come here and pet my artillery noble and dignified it is you better make friends because you will have to do anyway because I have one distinct statement you fear the unknown the strange and new it's only in your head and finally you will concur and thank me it goes boom

a monstrous clump of pureness of clarity and truth of faith and hope of undoubtful logic and consequence flattening the undecided sophisticated it comes out of nowhere rolling smoothly unhurried and steady i am ready breaking the delicate and weak like me it is getting bigger there is deafening roar i don't need any more to be hear to see to think to be on myself take me monolith flattening my ego and yours

egoknights & firearks
hey mr. lord father of unholy land bless the sword in my hand the unbelievers through my hand will fall to suffer and die to struggle in hell swell in hellfire ain't hot enough we need to inflame the sun wanna see the whole world burning for all you sinners the armor is shining in the light the armor is shining so bright the wind is feeding every sail and the wind is pushing forward knights in the fireark hellfire ain't hot enough it's a shame that it isn't hot enough here

i draw the curtains just a bit dirty sky is sitting on the rooftop reveals the crows' shabby being and with a traitor among them i shoot them all one by one i made sure no one ever comes keeping my small place safe but they found me so I get up and clench a fist the dust swirling a death dance as I blow it off the knobs and hinges give a final groan the hot air is sucking me out on my heavy metal rooftop and the birds are lining up with their burning beaks lowered truce the inflamed sun is melting the tinny ground sinking in buried up here an offering

boy vs. tree
hey that young smart boy he just looks like me while he is clinching to climb up that tree was the greenest tallest greatest one around with his bleeding hands and his bleeding knees he climbs the branches and begins to laugh it is so high up here he said he became damn weak and fell off the tree like a heavy leaf diving in the wind he crashes to the ground there was a hum in his head he listened to and with his bloody hand he clenched a fist raised it up to the sky and then he said i'll spend my money on a root cutting shovel now this all should end right here to descent is just an angels' realm this should end with me

morning sun
morning sun is peeking over the hills chimneys are like needles constantly sateless and remorseless hot and acidly broaching the pink sky the sand beneath my naked feet is white and warm a glance over the sea dolphins jumping in the distance a whale's heart is forming shaped fountain i'm here to collect every grain down to the mud you built your dreams on filling up the great blue sea till it floods the beaches i'm gonna wake you up now i'm gonna make your fake world real purging wisdom histories episodes of forgone lives watching it all fade away longingly fragmented into elements innocent and pure an humble nothing morning sun is peeking over snowy hills chimneys are like needles so beautiful steaming hot and acidly innocent and pure an humble nothing

dear mammoth
i did meet him in the parking lot whilst getting out of the way trunking the asphalt for sparsely withered greens mom and dad I bring a new friend this time it's for real his fluffy ears hang with dark sad eyes through which I could see myself guys I bring a new friend this time it's for real i scratch his favourite spot he knows where to carry me to make me happy to the rhyhthm of the cracking sounds beneath his stampers we hum a chant of devastation

my mixtapes suck big time
the heart is a hidden place those lucky enough to find it had their tongues cut out and their minds confused mine is trapped between two arbors placed there carefully for you to become entwined tenderly by the quiet tones I endow you with ridiculing the unkemptness of words and the clumsiness of my speech i hoped for something special but you break my heart as you turn down the volume a machine driven confession a poem obeisant to your loveable character i am so fucking naïve

alone you came alone you go to the place where I was before evidence is what I need even as a god as I am and cold shivers down my spine important is what's happening now and history is what all things made out of us an answer should not be turned the other way round because a word can act like a bomb or a knife too many things I wanted to know too many things I should not know too many things I hate to know too many things i don't understand that you did all these fucking things to me i am addicted to the power of evidence to the power of x i feel better with it and golden honey is flowing right into your mouth glueing all your lies together and all the things that do not matter i'd like to put an oily rag on your fucking mouth and fucking burn it

in the valley full of pain between faded roses in a lake full of blood lies a broken heart the sun shines briefly the light jumps afterwards after the rain the kiss of the rainbow in the deep of the sea lies a lonely wreck seperates the loving dear from the broken heart clouds so gloomy and black as the night they block the view no way to the light for the messengers of love and the birds throw roses into the sea faded roses into the salty sea and thorns sting into the mourn until the crying eye is closing oh lord let it rain until the shores burst and give to the couple itself oh lord let it storm until the shores burst and give to the couple its love

five minutes of resistance
i just wanna smash the world against the wall i wanna see it shatter and drown myself in the shards to put my sufferings on everybody to drench everything everywhere with my filthy blood swallow it my filthy blood you suppressed my needs for so long raise your pitchforks now this is a declaration of war and when the vultures pine for me for my fallen scruffy flesh i will piss down there fucking throats while they reap their fucking fruits

coming like cattle across an open field where scores of men were nothing but skin and bones a volcanic fury of thundering noise a shower of flaming coal shot into the night raining down on the crowded boat which in moments was engulfed in hellish flames too many man swam in the icy spring runoff or burned with the ship and died in mouring on their long way back home the burning wreckage began to drift slowly downriver and hundreds of men died they died in memphis sailors stood on the decks of u.s. navy gunboats they watched the reddish glow from that huge dying steamer that lit the northern sky

rocking chair
how nice it was when the light went out and we took out the old stove and we burnt grandma's rocking chair to heat the one room where we all cuddled together because it was so cold how funny it was when grandpa told stories from the war it was different then and everybody laughed when our kid drew on the wallpapers because we were so helpless and so alone how lovely it was to see my wife's face in the darkness illuminated by the candles we lit to see the cockroaches who'd ever have thought that we that we would have to realize who'd never have thought that we that we would have to realize because nothing really counts but this last moment

a poem
a poem without words written in nuts and bolts profound and meaningful of bright fire tails this all is so ignored and abused we fucking do not understand what we have achieved thousands lift their heads to follow their afflicted souls with slitted eyes grief is gone and penance done disappearing in sparkinly beauty an aggregation of whole mankind

wild geese yell
deep snow sees i came the way this one this here is completely similar winter rest rest period development and offence i darkly stare gloomy dreams float over my head it lays on my heart heavily i renewed the wild geese yell

the dragonfighter
i don't fear the demons the dragons and black night with my fearless horse through frosty woods I ride hunting all this evil remaining unrevealed till finally the day will come when my fate will be sealed feel my sword oh mighty beast to end your evil path hear the incantations of faith hope love and wrath i murmur them as I kill you a prayer for your death a final squeak you fall and die so draw your final breath born a dragonfighter's son a king, a priest the chosen one

counted is bygone
i skin myself this aged tissue from the inside this tremble is unbearable i wrap it up my think tank an useless gift from me to me i sent it out but i ran afterwards caught up and unpacked staggering by debility copy of the blood machine top left pump you bastard pump i know every beat i count them all i know every beat counted is bygone

so i'm going on a trip i pack my suitcase and i take with me the day my son lost his favorite toy when he came running in the need of comfort the painting i never gave the girl i loved as a five year old and a picture of how she looks today i don't want anyone to take them away my precious things will go with me on this great ride my mother's smile and the memories of sitting at the kitchen table my feet to short to touch the floor stuff i haven't cared for a long time it's time to dust it off now carefully i put them in protecting my few precious things for this last ride it's not much easily I sort them out i even can leave a little space for my soul as I will join them once i'll have started my journey one never completely goes something of him stays it has got its place i pack my suitcase this trip goes far i pack my suitcase with black and white cold and warmth sun and moon and love and hate i will die don't cry goodbye it's ok rust is painting my face like an indian

solitude in bloom
there is a thing we've got we call it solitude there is a thing we need we call it confidence and we tried and tried and tried - we failed and we fell into what we feared most shimmering in the darkness we see two moons we send rains of kisses to our solitude in bloom as an acknowledgement of my gratitude i'd like to offer you this in confidence i will sacrifice sacrifice myself if all cords break i hang myself up make hay while the sun shines many hands make light work in the light of our common will but it still looks like rain shimmering in the darkness we see two moons we send rains of kisses to our solitude in bloom

heavy zooo
out of my mouth smoke is rising high it's casting a cloud on you while you die i am a nine-headed sword swallowing dragon so you need ten swords to kill me i am an eagle flying high in the sky even if you shoot I won't die cause my wings are made of sacred steel sharp like a shiny knife so you will feel the cutting nose dive cutting your throat the blood is flowing it is so nice to live in the heavy zooo it is so nice

pain power
good is repaid with good bad with bad nothing will be forgotten time of retribution will come wishing welfare to those you love death to those you hate palm is weaker than a fist one single silk thread is weaker than a rope my neck is weaker than a rope true words are not beautiful beautiful words are not true efficiency does not persuade persuasion is not capable the more it works for others the more it has the more it gives to others the more it has like the rope is supporting the hanging man causes lie the pain

esophagus overdrive
someone put a dead cat in my mouth with its head towards my esophagus so the tail is hanging out makes me stumble as I step on it someone put a rat into my ear gnawing its way through my hearing apparatus to finally nest in the great emptiness that lies behind someone exchanged my pillow for a mouldy camembert making my head feel all soft and furry and isolating it against the ten ton weight that's bumping against it permanently

spirit & crown
here you are my retinue ingratiates itself watch out i might get dirty when you kiss my ring step aside all sunbeams want to serve their aim in life blink my crown isn't shiny enough to dazzle you like my greatness does i´m afraid you are no earthly use to anyone choke it up and spit my blue blood in the middle of your lovely face the sun drops the last inch of light falls all what remains is my immense grace i'm just here to pass through blessed are the poor in spirit but the kingdom of heaven is mine above the line it's just a small step for me one giant leap for mankind sorry we ain´t of a kind

my funeral procession
i will have heaven and earth for my coffin and cover sun and moon will be my jewels stars and constellations my pearls the creation my funeral procession what do you want to add

i desert
i built a machine it's down in the cellar behind the potato boxes it's got a big red button and unsurpassed logic is programmed i built it from my old school books and from video tapes with scientific programmes it runs on philosophical essays and outstanding literary correspondence i have to take care of it until it's grown up and when the iron housing is finally going to burst i'll push that button and do you know what it'll say i desert

dance like a volcano
sound waves intrude your head compress your brain and force it down with a sonic boom to the middle of your body to form a triaxial hinge of sex oscillations and flexibility the lemon in your slim glass is shaking to the beat as you smash it down on the bar and leave it for the centre jerking swirling jacket sleeve caught in your trouser leg haircut style limbo contest participant now you dance like a volcano an aura of sparkling ashes moves like rolling lava enveloping everything

stanislav petrov
it was the year 1983 september 26th directly below cosmos 1382 to a casual observer looking down from space the snow and ice fields of the Arctic reached out toward the earth the curve of the earth compressed it into a thin line separating night and day stretched across the north pole deafening sound flashing light on this particular day something went wrong a red button may turn a blue planet into a black battered distressing into a despicable vile-smelling piece of shit you could have been addressed with deference instead you saved the world

yellow mile
caravans by mischance by despotism walkin` in faltered movements with leaden limbs hurry up an army of ineffective soldiers are struggling weaponless to qualify for an undelivered spare-part gain strength taste the sweat of a walked yellow mile without batting an eyelid please ware someone down the first may be the last to go to go more miles in yellow and flesh will be the winners´ crown so please ware someone down sugar the yellow mile taste the salt of a kidney machine the salt of a kidney machine is a mechanical tear

a foul smelling wheel called downhill
graceful symmetry but nothing without a centre cheap whore of gravity moving downhill shame on you you debased the idea of easing of favour hear you laughing at the square root while breaking someone on the wheel while you're breaking someone on the wheel shame on you debased the idea of easing of favour so listen to your slaves if there is no one to dictate you'll fail without mankind you're nothing the rest is downhill all the way you'll never betray can't you smell it my dear we're burning your candle at both sides

paraffin oiler
between those liquid walls and more than a thousand degrees are tidal waves reaching for the highest stone and a soul smelling like his child the light a flicker of hope through the heavy spray but wonders never cease this peak his umbilical cord those waves are a sword a vale of fire is what he needs to protect himself from the frost of the deadly deep sea sinking to the bottom and deservedly so even if deck is under water even if the end is nigh to the bitter end we are illuminated by the light at his heart's rate or the other way round like fleshy driftwood flooded down to the ground of the sea this peak his umbilical cord those waves are a sword a vale of fire is what he needs to protect himself from the frost of the deadly deep sea sinking to the bottom and deservedly so maybe it's better to turn the blood into paraffin and become a human torch laughin' do you see the human torch at the horizon no? it looks like a rising sun but it isn´t one

nice romantic evening
put a candle on my bald head after lighting it wax is running into my eyes put a blooming rose behind my ear after watering it a thorn is pricking me twice it´s a nice romantic evening with me and mother mother earth I am your mama´s darling so spread your legs i´m coming home lay myself down in a lush green meadow while I start to dream some ants are crawling up my arm open up my mouth to catch some raindrops it tastes like I don´t know an eagle is circling over my head it´s a nice romantic evening with me and mother mother earth I am your mama´s darling so spread your legs i´m coming home

damn you, charlie brown
yeah though I walk through the valley of the evil of the death i will fear no evil for I am the evilist son of a bitch in the valley as I steam down the river of death i'll fear nothing for I'm the meanest motherfucker on the river when I die bury me face down so the whole world can kiss my ass when god open up the gates of hell the division of evil walked out fighter by day lover by night drunkard by choice soldier by mistake we are the unwilling led by the unqualified doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful fighting for freedom as a state that those who live in peace will never know damn you charlie brown when I die bury me face down so the whole world can kiss my ass

the hospice inn
feel your breath as you awake from lungs you haven't known this way the limbs are numb pain's all to feel this rotten body a useless remnant this pain is endless all's to loathe just a victim of hypocratic oath half-dead is what you're called your body is machine controlled like a present to despise as a child in its mother's hands from which its life depends you're so helpless and fragile the focus narrows the mind restricts to the beauty of the end's bliss the focus narrows the mind restricts you want to go they won't let you you drown in fear in endless fear they torture you by loving you you drown in fear in painful fear

stonecold our recollections last embrace under the windows mine i hear the banshee´s call showin´ someone died inside i guess it´s me cause no one is missed penance I have done and more penance I will do no sight left but one the pain

the sun behind the dustbin
washing machine caustic detergent takes away the colours tatters me and leaves me naked inject black wisdom filling every corner from inside covering all levelling contours take the sun from behind the dustbin and hang it to its nail again cheap plastic moulds all shaped the same economic efficiency insignificant redundancy pull out the plug and make it stop climb on top and peek through the colourless sad laundry

not here the white north hath thy bones and thou heroic sailor soul art passing on thy happier voyage now toward no earthly pole and it grew wondrous cold ice came floating by the drifts and snowy cliffs did send a dismal sheen seamen are no enemies when they are swimming seamen are no enemies even if the ice is killing but they walked - they walked the frost performed his secret ministry on these days in 1848 while the last crew members died in starvation cove after a long, long march through the desert of ice the merciless cold wind knived them the souls did from their bodies fly and the great unreal tiredness catched them to end their agony when the lids been closed some paused in their grave wandering and turn with profound gesture vague and slow to scrape the flesh from bones of the other men it stamps over his head but it cannot break his sleep at least their tins where soldered with lead

interference prone reflector
don´t we really have nothing than us to see from west to east between the poles and back again the only centres are we a big red giant is sending the pain we call it the sun this big red giant is sending the pain the sun feeds our thursty eye and brain your fucked up windowpane is a shame to your panorama of a room with a view including your centered eye which isn´t able to see completely clear(ly) focusing on what is meaningful may be the first step for avoiding to force an open door mankind has an axe to grind so let´s melt it to forge a hammer sacrify your eyes to see the light and cut out with broken glass this interference prone reflector cut it out don´t dissect carefully simply cut it out cut it for further information contact your druggist for further information call up 102-790-544-6666 no more no more no more glassy shine no more glassy shine to be reflected in your fucked up windowpane is a shame to your panorama of a room with a view including your centered eye which isn´t able to see completely clear(ly) we see so we are but (less than) a shadow of our former self there is no denying of the fact that that our eyes are mirrors in fact there is no denying that an infected eye feeds a misguided mind before we are beyond remedy honesty is the very, very best, best policy shatter all self-satisfied self-rightous high-handed laughing fucking mirrors a mirror is a window´s end and if you ask me what to do let´s strike our tents annex another planet and start again

crossing the unknown places of dimensionless vacuum-packed possibilities may we believe in something beyond the curtain of human inabilities please don´t say nothing please don´t send "no" the farest pioneer ever known pioneer please never glow in mind we are dancing with you between the smiling stars makin´ love wishing this planet the almighty essence called confidence the farest pioneer ever known but we´re still alone this deaf and dumb desert has a lack of cold comfort like a new moon a second sun a shooting star falling to where it all begun we´re missing you badly widely ramified is our mind but the eye is you while we´re fading away day by day in mind we are dancing with you between those smiling stars wishing this planet the almighty essence called confidence pioneer, please don´t go you´ll never returen I know even if your mission will fail an will forever be uncompleted some people down here can not do forget what you´ve done nor can i don´t worry my friend we´ll try again take care of you

to kill a hill and move a mountain
in front of a mountain they stand peak´s too high too high for climbing on top of a mountain they stand and down in the valley is a phoenix dying did they ever compare silver to gold shovelling, shovelling and digging through what is perforating you every little leaden world they said exploded to ashes in mighty shockwaves and buried us under a heavy crust of misleaded silver gold we don´t weight every word but if the words are dying but if the words are dying why doesn´t the speaker follow immediately shovelling, shovelling and digging through what is perforating you as we are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea becoming weaker and weaker our spirit is willing but the flesh is weak it´s a pity we are unable to cause a storm of protest a storm of relieving decontaminating protest ain´t a storm in a teacup our laid open gold bright shiny shimmering so much more than glass would ever be able to don´t let the next tea stand for the rest of your life time is up spew up the pieces of silver and refresh yourself by the holy vein of gold come on now our valley has waited for ages for the miners to come phoenix is spreading it´s wings when we drive our shovels deep into the crust in a moment of scorn genesis has to be written again when the sun will be blinded by the laid open gold in its purest form when the sun will be blinded by the laid open gold in its purest form i´m the least common denominator to kill a hill and move a mountain to kill a hill and move yourself to kill a hill and move a mountain and perforate what is perforating you to kill a hill and move a mountain to kill a hill and move to kill a hill and move a mountain i am the hill the mountain is you become a miner